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Luxury Hot Tubs and Swim Spas
Featuring Canadian Designed Brands - H2O and Lumio 

We Service & Maintain all brands of hot tubs in Central Alberta


Proud retailer of                     

H2O Spas

A Premium Hot Tub collection designed in Vancouver. Features beautifully crafted interiors and modern hydrotherapy. Created tough to withstand our winters, with highest quality plumbing, Rock-wool insulation and Canadian made "Gecko" brand electrical.   


Swim Spas by H2O 

Swim Spas, powered by river jets, give the benefits of a pool in a smaller footprint. Powerful river jets create currents to swim against. Depth enables excersize or play. Jetted seats give relaxing hydrotherapy. H2O Swim Spas are crafted with all the thought and quality that have made H2O a preferred and trusted Canadian brand.  


LUMIO Portable Spas
A New type of 110 V, plug and play, portable hot tub, designed in Quebec. Lumio tubs can be placed on any
 flat, even surface and moved easily (have handles for gripping). LUMIO tubs are rotationally molded, as a single body, with access panels on 4 sides for easy maintenance. 


Professionally Refurbished Hot Tubs

All makes and models, as available. RIPS selection of used hot tubs are professionally refurbished in-house and water tested. 
If you’re looking for a reliable team for quality maintenance and repair services of your hot tub in Alberta, we’re happy to be of service. Please get in touch for a quote or if you have any queries.

We have a trustworthy small-town staff, a comfortable showroom, no-pressure policy, financing, delivery, installation, to-your-door maintenance and service. We also provide full accessories, water care chemicals, and filters.

RIPS Audio Video & Spas
Unparalleled Shopping Experience

Water Drops

Hot Tub Water Care

Simplify Your Water Care With Expert Advice and Quality Products

The condition of your water depends on region and source. Our water care methodology is based on simplifying and minimizing care, so you can enjoy your spa with confidence. We stock quality products that reduce waste, while keeping your water crystal clear and safe. 

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A woman relaxing in a hot tub filled with water and the jets going

INNOVA SPAS "The Feeling"

A Truely Portable Plug & Play Hot Tub

This virtually indestructible, Canadian made and designed portable hot tub has all the features of a standard hot tub with a light, polyethylene body. 

- Built-in 110v plug with ground-fault breaker
- Can be placed anywhere on a level surface
- Handles for easy moving
- 4 person tub with lounger
- Comfortable seats with arm rests
- Easy maintenance
- 24 Jets
- 2 speed jet pump
- Waterfall with LED lights
- Gecko equipment inside


H2O Premium Series

Our premium series spas are sculptured for maximum comfort. Each seat is carefully designed to reduce strain. Jet placement concentrates hydrotherapy on vulnerable areas such as your hips, back, wrists and neck. The Aluminium frame (*new for 2020*) replaces traditional wood framing for longevity – so your spa remains a valuable asset for longer.


The Tofino spa offers seating for 2-3 bathers. It is ideal when space is limited. The design offers small dimensions with big therapy benefits, making it perfect for couples sharing intimate relaxation.

2 man hot tub


The Comox spa offers seating for 4 bathers. The small dimensions make it ideal for a balcony or small deck, where all seats are positioned to take full advantage of the view.

a small four man hot tub


The Radium spa offers seating for 4-5 bathers. It is large enough to share with family or friends yet the deep contoured lounge provides luxurious full body relaxation for personal pampering.

a hot tub with a lounge


The Banff spa offers seating for 6 bathers. It has variable height seating, accommodating tall adults and young children. The spas depth and clever utilization of internal space, creates a spa that feels larger than its dimensions.

a 6 man hot tub


The Canyon spa offers seating for 6-7 bathers. Big seating, big foot space, this spa feels like a swimming pool with jets. The design is ideal for young families looking for hot water fun as well as relaxation.

large hot tub


The Niagara spa offers seating for 5-6 bathers. The design is built around an incredibly comfortable, oversized lounge seat, providing head to toe support, to relax your tired body.

large hot tub with reclining lounge



The XP2S spa offers seating for 6-7 bathers. The two powerful jet pumps provide a strong water flow to jetting strategically placed throughout all six seats. The placement of each jet has been considered to provide flexible muscle massage.

a 6 person hot tub


The XP2L spa offers seating for 5-6 bathers. The two powerful jet pumps provide a strong water flow activating a large number of smaller but intense jets located to provide full body stimulation.

A 5 person hot tub with a reclining lounger


The XP2DL offers the ultimate couples seating, with both loungers facing the same direction to capture the preferred view.

2 person hot tub with reclining loungers

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Hot Tub and Spa Services

Our experienced team will have your hot tub serviced or installed in no time.

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