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Xplore Internet for Rural Living in Olds, Mountain View County and all surrounding areas


Working, studying, and streaming from home can be fast and efficient, no matter where home is. Xplore provides high-speed internet to rural towns, farms, acreages, and remote areas. Xplore is constantly investing in it's network, connecting you everyday through the best platform available for your location. 

 Xplore is purely dedicated to rural internet. You are not a "secondary" customer, you are the one that matters. 
  Xplore offers multiple wifi solutions, including whole-home wifi and home phone services
  When new Xplore technologies are available in your area, you can upgrade right away
  No Risk: 30 day evaluation
  Fees locked in for 1 year

RIPs Audio Video is your local authorized dealer for Xplore Internet and we always go the extra mile. Speak to one of our trained staff - we are here to help. 

Xplore Internet Packages and Pricing

Our services include:

Xplore Unlimited Internet

High-speed internet 
10 mbps (good), 25 mbps (better), 50 mbps (best)

Starting at:

Good: $59.99 a month - router included, price locked in for 1 year

Better: $$69.99 a month - router included, price locked in for 1 year

Best: $99.99 a month - router included, price locked in for 1 year

Xplore Satellite internet

Data Packages from 50GB to 250GB per month
10 mbps (good), 25 mbps (better), 50 mbps (best-selected areas only)

Starting at:

Good: $64.99 a month - router included price locked in for 1 year
Better: $94.99 a month - router included price locked in for 1 year
Best: $153.99 a month - router included price locked in for 1 year

Xplore Fibre to the Premises 

Xplore Fibre is on the move in Alberta! 
Imagine speeds up to 1GB and the most stable internet delivery system in the world. 

Xplore Fibre is now available in some areas of Sundre, AB. More areas opening in the spring of 2023. Contact us NOW (403) 556-6616 for details or to pre-register. 

Xplore Home Wifi Solutions

Xplore offers wifi solutions to fit your needs, supported with customer service, replacements as needed and upgrades when available. 

Wifi basic solutions starting at $6 a month (included in price totals above)

XPLORE Unlimited Internet
10 to 50 mbps
Unlimited Internet 
$59.99 to $99.99

Xplore LTE is “location-specific” requiring line of sight to an existing tower.
The "Best" package will get you up to 50 Mbps download, 10 mbps upload and true unlimited internet with no throttling.

You are free to Xplore, stream, game, and operate multiple devices simultaneously without lag or wait times. 


Xplore towers cover a wide radius around Olds, Didsbury, Sundre, Carstairs, Cremona (east), Three Hills, Linden, Trochu, Glennifer Lake, Wimborne, Crossfield Alberta. Coverage reaches across the town and acreages or farms within a 20-30 mile radius of the tower.


We will mount a small Xplore module to a fixed site, such as a rooftop, roof edge, or deck railing, that has line of sight to an existing Xplore tower. Using a cable we connect the module to an indoor power source (provided) then to a wifi router or whole home mesh.

Xplore whole home mesh systems extend wifi across a much larger area, for seamless internet in larger homes. 

RIPs Audio Video also offers "Bridging" systems for rural farms and acreages, that extend your wifi to multiple buildings on the same property. 

Xplore Satellite Internet
10 to 25 mbps (Alberta)
10 to 250 GB data
$64.99 to $99.99 

No line of sight to an Xplore tower? No problem.

In town, on the farm or off the grid, Xplore Satellite is designed to connect you with high speed internet from nearly anywhere.

Xplore Satellite requires a clear view of the sky (south horizon), comes with professional installation and ongoing support and customer service.    

Available data packages go up to a whopping 250GB a month, with top-up packages from 10 to 50 GB ($10-$39) , so you never run out of data. 

Xplornet Satellite Advantages: 
  Someone local to get you set up 
  Complete install by a professional technician
  Continued support by phone and in-person service calls


Satellite dishes are heavier, requiring a stable roof or frame for mounting that is out of normal reach (min: 6 feet off the ground).

Clear line of sight to the sky (south). When this is lacking, contact us at RIPs Audio Video and we will walk you through what is needed for your exact situation. 

RIPs Audio Video staff can help you choose the right package for your needs and an install date that works with your schedule.  

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Speak to one of our local, trained staff today about your internet needs.

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