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Cell Phone Signal Booster Experts in Olds, Mountain View County and Area

Get rid of cell phone dead zones in your home and office.


Cell boosters capture a cellular tower signal from outside your home, bring it inside, then amplify and broadcast it. If you have low or no service inside your home, or dead zones in some rooms, a booster not only fixes it, but increases and improves your overall signal.


Central Alberta has unique cellular challenges. Many homes and businesses suffer signal loss due to dense trees, terrain, elevation or building materials. At RIPS we work with experts to ensure you get the right solution for your situation and the most cutting edge technologies–so your booster will keep you connected for years to come.

We will provide you with all relevant product options to boost your cell signal and a price quote valid for 30 days. 

Once you've chosen your booster you can pick it up and "self-install" or have us deliver and install the unit (installation cost based on hourly rate. est. available with quote).

Using various maps, we can determine your access to towers, elevation and specific terrain challenges. Telephone assessment can take up to 30 minutes. 

Diagram of how a cellphone booster works

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Extend Your Signals

RIPS Audio Video & Spas helps you stay connected by providing cell phone signal boosters.

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