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Monitor Your Livestock and Property
From Anywhere

  • designed to see up to 1 mile away with excellent HD clarity

  • 360 degree pan, tilt and zoom right from your screen or cell phone

  • place cameras up to 4 miles from home or shop 

  • enhanced night vision for clear, sharp live-stream video 

  • fixed cameras to monitor equipment, fuel and buildings

  • sensor based driveway alarms

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Precision Cam Logo
Allen Leigh Security & Communications logo

RIPS Audio Video & Spas is an authorized dealer for Precision Cameras, a Division of Allen Leigh Security & Communications 

Meet the PTZ Team

32X Zoom
2 KM  Day   250m Night

32X Pan Tilt Zoom Cow Camera

16X & 25X Zoom
(25X) 1.6 KM Day   100m Night (16X) 400m Day   100m Night

25X Pan Tilt Zoom Cow Camera

25X Zoom
1.6 KM Day   150m Night

25X Pan Tilt Zoom Top Mount Cow Camera

5X Zoom
200m Day   30m Night

5X Pan Tilt Zoom Cow Camera
Wheat Field

Meet the Bullet Camera Team

Bullet Cameras are used for monitoring smaller rooms, narrow areas and fixed locations such as fuel storage and equipment

Fully outdoor rated from -40 C to +60 C - wind, water and dust proof (IP66) 

IR Night vision and 1080p (full high definition). 

Recommended for security monitoring

2.7-13.5 Varifocal Dome
220m Day   60m Night
5X Optical Zoom

Dome security camera

2.7-13.5 Varifocal
220m Day   60m Night
5X Optical Zoom

Bullet style security camera

7-35mm Varifocal
250m Day   100m Night
5X Optical Zoom

Long range bullet style security camera

3.6mm Fixed
220m Day   60m Night
Fixed Focal Length

Small bullet style security camera

PTZ Cameras Pan 360 degrees, tilt 90 degrees and zoom up close with precision focus, controlled from a monitor or cell phone.

Fully outdoor rated from -40 C to +60 C - wind, water and dust proof (IP66, IP67)

Night vision includes "starlight" technology for full high definition video 

Recommended for monitoring livestock, calving and large areas

Simplified Ordering

Order 1 of these to START


Contains all equipment, cabling, cords and transmitters needed to set up a monitoring station* in home and a camera on another building, pole or structure. 
*computer or TV monitor not included

Camera Kit with NVR, Router and point to point transmitter bridges

Add a camera to a location different from the 1st camera 


Contains all equipment, cabling, cords and transmitters needed to place another camera on a different building, pole or structure than the first camera.  

Camera with point to point transmission bridge

Add a camera to the same structure as another camera 


Contains the camera, mounting hardware and cabling needed to connect camera to an existing set up in or on the same building, pole or structure. 

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera with mount

Optional Add-on's

Upgraded NVR
Upgrade to run more than 4 cameras on the same system

Available: 8, 16 and 32

Hard Drive for NVR
Record and replay camera feed

1TB to 10TB

Joystick Controller
Run multiple PTZ cameras with ease using a handheld Joystick

Wheat Field

RIPS Audio Video & Spas can help you keep your investment safe by installing agri-monitoring and agri-cams.

Tell us your requirements and we’ll help you implement proper security measures on your farm.

Keep Your Farm Secure

Agri-Security Solutions

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