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Rambo Off Road Ebikes

Go where you've never been!

US designed Rambo Ebikes are tough built, with special features for on and off road use and accessories to fit the outdoor life. Rambo ebikes are designed for camping, fishing, exploring, hunting, going up a mountain, across a sandy beach, through the trees, over the gravel, across ice frozen and snow covered terrain. They are a true outdoor bike. 

Off road Rambo ebike on mountain top

What is an Ebike?

An Ebike is a bicycle with a motor, that's powered by a rechargeable battery. That's the basics. 

There are 2 major types; 1) Pedal Assist ebike, where the motor powers on whenever you pedal, or; 2) Throttle Assist, where you use a thumb throttle to activate the motor whenever you want or need it. 

At RIPS, we carry Throttle Assist ebikes, as these give greater control over battery use and allow you to choose how much power you want. We've chosen to stock RAMBO brand ebikes for their tough build, multiple outdoor uses, fat tires capable of maneuvering multiple terrains including dirt, mud, ice, snow and gravel. 

Rambo fishing.JPG

Meet The Team

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