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Rambo Off Road Ebikes

Go where you've never been!

USA designed Rambo Ebikes are tough built, with special features for on and off road use and accessories to fit the outdoor life. Rambo ebikes are designed for camping, fishing, exploring, hunting, going up a mountain, across a sandy beach, through the trees, over the gravel, across ice frozen and snow covered terrain. They are a true outdoor bike. 

Off road Rambo ebike on mountain top

What is an Ebike?

An Ebike is a bicycle with a motor, that's powered by a rechargeable battery. That's the basics. 

There are 2 major types; 1) Pedal Assist ebike, where the motor powers on whenever you pedal, or; 2) Throttle Assist, where you use a thumb throttle to activate the motor whenever you want or need it. 

At RIPS, we carry Throttle Assist ebikes, as these give greater control over battery use and allow you to choose how much power you want. We've chosen to stock RAMBO brand ebikes for their tough build, multiple outdoor uses, fat tires capable of maneuvering multiple terrains including dirt, mud, ice, snow and gravel. 

A man in the wilderness fishing with his electric bike and trailer parked behind him
Concrete Texture


A white electric bike

Rambo Rooster 2.0


Available in Black, Blue & White

The Rambo Rooster 2.0 E-Bike. The perfect choice if you’re looking for a smaller frame E-Bike that is easy to control, easy to get on and off, and is affordable – yet built Rambo tough.

The Rambo Rooster 2.0 E-Bike is powered by a 500-watt Bafang hub motor that delivers impressive speed and power considering it uses a Hub motor. The Rooster motor however is specially designed to still give you more torque than its hub motor competition and uses a reducing ratio of 5:1 that gives you 80Nm of torque. 

Earth colored electric bike with large, fat tires

The Savage


The Savage – the ebike that lit the world on fire and started ALL the buzz! The #1 Selling E-Bike in its class for 7 years running! The ORIGINAL e-bike and still stands as the tried-and-true bikes in our lineup. The Savage can do everything that our other 750w bikes can do so don’t be fooled by the affordable price point. This bike is built to perform like a RAMBO. Rambo’s Entry Level Bikes are Built better than 95% of other E-Bikes “High End” bikes. If you’re looking for a high quality, high torque, reliable bike option that has tremendous value, this is the bike for you!

Available in Blue, White, Dark Earth
and Matte Black

The Bushwacker


Available in OD Green
Mo Bottomland Camo ($5399)

THE BIKE BUILT LIKE A TRUCK! Designed for the ultimate outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists! The Bushwacker 2.0 features an Enviolo HD drive system that is completely internal for ultimate reliability in the back country. This bike is Bulletproof and Powerful! The Enviolo HD hub provides a step-less shifting experience, allowing effortless change from one gear ratio to the next without having to backpedal or stop pedaling. The Enviolo hub is a true masterpiece! The Bushwacker 2.0 is built to handle rough and demanding off-road conditions and is stacked with higher end components to meet the challenge you throw at it. 

An earth colored electric bike with solid black suspension forks
A neon orange electric bike with fenders and lights

The Pursuit 2.0


Step Thru (pictured above)

Navy with Neon Green
or Orange with Flat Black

Full Frame


TT Viper Woodland ($4799)

The Pursuit 2.0 is a step above our Rambo Savage. Notable upgrades include the addition of front GT MRK suspension allowing you to go through rougher terrain at a smoother ride, a custom designed frame to encase the motor for protection, and the Pursuit comes standard with anti-puncture tires, fenders and lights. 

A Black and Green electric bike with special suspension bars

The Rambo Rampage 1000W Xtreme Performance Full Suspension fat tire electric bike is designed by customer request for the Extreme Rider that will only settle for the best. Big game hunting the backwoods in steep grade conditions, trail riding in rough terrain, or cruising down the beach the Rampage XPFS has the job covered with high end suspension, a 1000W extreme performance motor, and all the high-end bike components to match. No costs were spared to build the most extreme off-road fat bike.

The Rampage


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